Law Enforcement

AZ STaR proudly assists law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.

  • Over 115 Years Combined SAR Experience
  • Over 800 Combined Searches

Arizona Search Track and Rescue, Inc. (AZ STaR) is a non-profit organization built on the mission of search and rescue. AZ STaR offers all of our services at no charge to any individual or agency requesting our assistance and carries a 1m/ 2m aggregate Liability Policy that covers its members (human and canine) at any AZ STaR incident, training or event.

  • Search Services
  • Certified K-9 Services
  • Air Scent
  • Trailing
  • Human Remains Detection
  • Cadaver
  • Evidence
  • Water Work
  • Certifications
  • Certified/Trained Personnel
  • Incident Command
  • Communications
  • K-9 Handlers
  • Support Persons
  • Man Tracking
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Other Training
  • Search Techniques
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • Incident Documentation
  • Map and Compass
  • GPS Navigation
  • Survival Skills
  • Lost Person Behavior

Through our sister agency, FindMe, we can offer even more specialized resources such as highly trained and vetted Psychic’s, Law Enforcement Personnel specializing in investigations, Aircraft and their pilots specializing in Aerial Search and Photography, Linguistic and Body Language Experts, Handwriting analysis and many other specialized services to aid in the investigative process of locating your missing loved ones.

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