WANTED! A Few Good Men and Women! Search Dogs too!


SAR Man PIcture



  • Have a desire to wander through the desert under the stars, at night, looking for clues and/or missing persons.

  • Would like to wander through the desert carrying about 30 lbs. of gear and water.

  • Don’t mind being woke up at 1:00 am for a search call-out.

  • Can pack enough gear into 2 large bags for 4 days in the mountains or desert.

  • Can brush your teeth, put on make-up and comb your hair with your signal mirror.

  • Can cat-nap anywhere, through any noise, under any conditions (rain or shine).

  • Know how to make a tent with a garbage bag and a piece of rope.

  • Would like to be part of a Team effort and enjoy working with Dogs.

  • Can and would climb any mountain to get reception to make a phone call.

  • Your definition of a fun time is seeing what you can survive. 

If you think that you meet any of the requirements above, AZ STaR is looking for you.  Please contact us via our Contact Us Page or by calling 844-429-7827.

We look forward to hearing from you!


State of the Art Search and Rescue Services offered in solving missing person cases

AZ STaR proudly works many cases with “FindMe” a specialized group of highly trained Psychics, law enforcement Investigators, Forensic Analysts, Linguistic, Handwriting and Body Language experts, Pilots and aircraft specializing in aerial search and photography and many more specialized services that allow us to offer the most comprehensive and state of the art search and rescue services to assist families and Law Enforcement Personnel in solving missing person cases.