Search Callout Procedure

Many of you have contacted us recently in regards to the missing 10 year old boy in Buckeye. I am hoping that this post helps explain why Arizona Search Track and Rescue, Inc. does not just “show up” at a search scene and begin searching.

We offer our services to any individual or agency at no charge and list all Law Enforcement Agencies within the state of Arizona and others outside of state lines as additional insureds on our Liability Insurance Policy so that they do not assume liability for our team. With that being said, our policy/procedures require that Law Enforcement and/or the family invite us in to assist them. Even if the request comes from a family member we have to contact the jurisdictional law enforcement agency to ensure that they do not have a problem with us assisting. This guarantees that potential crime scenes, evidence,etc is not compromised and that we have the appropriate case number for the extensive search reports that we provide to law enforcement agencies only.

We work with law enforcement all over the world and what we have found during the past 30 years is that unless law enforcement wishes to have our assistance, then if we get involved we may be hindering what they are doing. We do not want to be part of the problem.

We thank you all for your understanding in this matter.

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